Why Running is a LOT like Sex

Why running … is a LOT like Sex

After being together for 24 years, I can tell you that getting lovey with my husband doesn’t happen quite as often as it did when we met back in the big hair days (referring to the bands and both of our hairstyles). It bugs me that I say it bugs me, but I don’t make the effort to change it.

It’s like that revolving bucket list. You think that you are progressing with everything you should do, you need to do, you want to do. You tell yourself, “I am nothing if I don’t live to my full potential!”  But another day goes by. And more really good excuses.

So I’ve gotta’ a pretty long list of “live to my full potential items,” besides having more sex with my husband. One of those items is to run more consistently. Bottom line, I feel  amazing after I run – I never say “wow, I wish I didn’t do that” after I’m done. NEVER. But it is always a “negotiation” with myself to lace up and hit the pavement.

Interesting how there are so many similarities between both activities and the excuses that I come up with.  For example, the reasons why I might talk myself out of sex/running:

•    I’m full.
•    I’m tired.
•    It’s too hot.
•    It’s too cold.
•    It’s too early.
•    It’s too late.
•    I’m gassy.
•    I don’t have the time – I have more pressing/urgent things to do.
•    I’m feeling out of shape.
•    I’m feeling self-conscious.
•    My hip/back/knee is feeling a little achy.
•    There’s always tomorrow.
•    It just doesn’t sound all that appealing.
•    I need a day off.
•    Reading my book/sleeping is really making me really happy right now.

Wow, a lot of excuses, right? The thing is, EVERY TIME after sex/running I:

1.    Am so glad that I did it.
2.    Want to do it again, soon.
3.    Wonder why I don’t do it more.
4.    Elevate my spirit.
5.    Feel special and loved.
6.    Think my body is a rockin’ machine.
7.    Am mentally and physically high the rest of the day.
8.    Believe I’m healthy and youthful and sexy.
9.    Feel like I gave something.
10.    Stop counting the minutes and just enjoy it.

So, what the hell, right? It blows my mind knowing that say, as little as 20 minutes can give me hours of joy, but negotiate with myself, I still will.

My new mantra: I can find 20 minutes.  Just give 20 minutes. (And I just KNOW my husband is going to read this and post it on the fridge).

How ‘bout you? Got 20 minutes to do something good for you?


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Howdy folks - I have been very fortunate to be paid to write for a living since 2001 for Raving Consulting Company. I can say that I have been RED PENNED and learned from the best: John Romero, David Kranes, Dennis Conrad and Amy Fanter and most recently for fiction, Peter Fromm. So you'll see a lot of my original posts originally published through Raving for our readers. Next steps - branching outside of our Raving readership to a larger audience. Thank you for your encouragement.
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