Howdy folks – I have been extremely fortunate to be paid to write (direct mail, advertisingchrisheadshot2013 and web copy, long copy, case studies) full time since 2001 for Raving Consulting Company – a marketing-focused gaming consulting company. That’s why you’ll see a lot of my posts originally published through Raving for our marketing vehicles.

I can say that I have been RED PENNED and inspired by the best: Las Vegas pioneer John Romero, writer and playwright David Kranes, entrepreneur Dennis Conrad, scholar and adventurist TJ Tejeda and direct marketer and passionate gardener Amy Fanter and most for my fictional aspirations, soul writer Pete Fromm.

 This site and my original blog powerof38 were my next steps to branching outside of Raving to a larger audience.

 I write about the moments in my life that have brought me to my knees in pain or laughter: infertility, struggling with the home care and eventual death of my mom, growing up the fat kid, feeling “less than” because of a disability, wanting more hot sex with my spouse of 20 some years. I want readers to know that they are not alone in their very human feelings about fear, shame, guilt and anger and yeah, naughty and ridiculous thoughts. I write profiles of other people that have rocked my understanding of the world.

 And writing from the heart means being vulnerable. I believe that if you close yourself off to people seeing who you really are and what you really feel, you also close yourself off to joy.  

 My passion for reading and writing started early. When I faced the final box of my mom’s paperwork two years after she died, I discovered all my poems, stories and letters from the time I could hold a crayon. By my mom saving my “body of work” (albeit colored scrawl on faded construction paper), she gave me a posthumous “see, you’ve always been a writer” nudge.  

 So, yes, I’m a storyteller or annoying reporter (as my oldest of friends would say “what’s with the 20 questions?”) … whether it is introducing you to a business the way I would introduce a friend at a party, or sharing a personal challenge – I will always be honest, candid and speak from the heart.  And I couldn’t do it without talking about and the support of my favorite real life character, my husband Jim.

This site and the theme “power of 38” means that we are all as young, as sexy, as courageous, as strong, as funny as we perceive ourselves to be. Getting older doesn’t “suck.” The power of 38 is about discovering our own personal bests, to always be authentic and transparent. Power, baby. Power to perceive life in a positive way.



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