Marketing & Writing Services

Writing for Raving Consulting

My work with Raving has included marketing campaigns for B2B as well as Raving’s own products – utilizing case studies, print advertising, direct mail marketing (yes, long copy letters) as well as “signature” email marketing pieces, introducing gaming suppliers to Raving’s client base. Look under B2B Signature Communications on my blog for samples. If you are interested in my marketing and writing services for the gaming industry, please contact Amy Hergenrother at 775-329-7864 or email her at  

 Jason Newkirk, President of Slot Service Guard and Midwest Representative to Acres 4.0, hired Raving to do a marketing campaign, with Chris being the consultant of record for the project. Chris produced an email marketing piece introducing his product to the industry as well as works with Jason on editing his individual marketing pieces. Jason shared,

 What can I say about Chris? Well … she can take my convoluted, hodgepodge ramblings and make them into something that will keep readers interested and entertained while still getting the point across. She takes the time to figure out what I want to say, then says it better than I ever could.

 “The first article Chris wrote about my product was done in such an effective manner that I had over 30 properties contact me within a week inquiring about the Slot Service Guard. It has been an honor working with and getting to know Chris, she is my new bud.”

  For writing and marketing services outside of gaming, please contact me at

My non-gaming clients have included Cheeky Clothing.


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